Series 4000 Server Cabinets

Series 4000 Server Cabinets

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  • Electron Metal’s Series 4000 Server Cabinet line is our latest offering designed for server housing applications. It is a scalable enclosure line designed to expand and adapt to your ever-demanding server requirements. Whether you require additional cooling, power, cable management or depth, the Series 4000 line was designed to grow with your requirements, saving costs and downtime.

SKU: CB4KSV-212436



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    Electron Metal maintains a manufacturing plant, which houses state-of-the-art facilities for sheet metal production, fabrication, finishing and coating. Our head office is located just north of Montréal, in Laval, Québec.

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    *Dimensions shown in inches* Width x RU x Depth (AxCxB)

    PDF Rendering BIM Overall Dimension (W*H*D) Usable Dimension (W*RU*D)
    CB4KSV-212436 Rendering - CB4KSV-212436 CB4KSV-212436 BIM 24x48x36


    CB4KSV-212442 Rendering - CB4KSV-212442 CB4KSV-212442 BIM 24x48x42 21x24x40.75
    CB4KSV-214236 Rendering - CB4KSV-214236 CB4KSV-214236 BIM 24x79.5x36 21x42x34.75
    CB4KSV-214242 Rendering - CB4KSV-214242 CB4KSV-214242 BIM 24x79.5x42 21x42x40.75
    CB4KSV-214436 Rendering - CB4KSV-214436 CB4KSV-214436 BIM 24x83x36 21x44x34.75
    CB4KSV-214442 Rendering - CB4KSV-214442 CB4KSV-214442 BIM 24x83x42 21x44x40.75
    CB4KSV-214836 Rendering - CB4KSV-214836 CB4KSV-214836 BIM 24x90x36 21x48x34.75
    CB4KSV-214842 Rendering - CB4KSV-214842 CB4KSV-214842 BIM 24x90x42 21x48x40.75
    CB4KSV-214848 CB4KSV-214848 BIM 24x90x48 21x48x46.75
    Icon for verifiedFeatures
    • Fully welded 14 ga. Cold Rolled Steel construction with 10 year warranty
    • Fully assembled and ready to use
    • 24” and custom width options
    • Solid, perforated, louvered, acrylic, split and custom door options
    • Solid, perforated, louvered and custom side panel options
    • Solid top cover with several cable entry/fan cutouts
    • Hot air chimney / large cable volume top cutout
    • Wide variety of cable management options
    • Sizes range from 24 RU to 48 RU. 44 RU is our standard
    • Depths are 30”, 36” and 42” or custom
    • 2 pairs of 19” adjustable cage nut mounting rails, with cable thrus
    • Load capacity of 3000 lbs
    • Optional power & thermal solutions
    • Many other accessories available
    Icon for secureFull Kit Includes
    • 1 frame
    • 2 pairs mounting rails square holes with RU markings
    • 100 cage nuts
    • Perforated front door with lockable swing handle
    • Split perforated rear door with lockable swing handle
    • 1 universal accessory channel (for mounting PDUs and/or cable management)
    • 1 top with chimney cut out and 4 fan cut outs
    • 2 additional top cable entry points
    • 1 set of leveling feet
    • 2 side panels with quick release locks

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