Traditional datacenters

The landscape of data center environments is perpetually in flux. The team at Electron Metal brings a vast reservoir of industry experience to the table, acutely aware of the strains and challenges rapid expansion often imposes on our data center clientele. Despite acknowledging the unique traits inherent in each installation, our unmatched manufacturing flexibility enables us to offer profoundly bespoke design solutions, a capacity that outpaces other manufacturers. Coupled with our expertise and extensive experience, we possess a robust comprehension of customer needs.

Electron Metal's data enclosures and containment systems equip Facility Managers with a solid, customizable physical enclosure foundation. This serves as a launch pad for any IT architecture, augmenting space efficiency, simplifying hardware and cabling installation, and expediting your service deployment—rendering it both quicker and more economically efficient.

Modular datacenters

Modular data centers, alternatively referred to as portable data centers, boast the convenience of being stationed and commissioned wherever service providers necessitate. Standardized components present scalability, offering a spectrum of power and cooling options, with the capacity to append additional modules as data requirements amplify.

Electron Metal provides an assortment of configurations tailored to address your modular data center needs, spanning from a singular to a POD arrangement of cabinets. Our offerings, including cryptocurrency enclosures, promote physical space and cooling efficiencies while maintaining modular scalability.

Electron Metal has also reimagined and miniaturized the modular data center concept with the development of its 'data center in a cabinet' product. This novel offering facilitates smaller-scale deployments, featuring diverse options such as Power Distribution Units (PDU's), Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS's), power and environmental monitoring systems, among others.

Furthermore, Electron Metal presents a range of Industrial IoT products, ready to expand this segment of the business in response to the evolving needs of customers within this burgeoning market.

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