Series 4000 Network Cabinets

Series 4000 Network Cabinets

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  • The Series 4000 Network Cabinet line was designed for dense cabling applications where effective cable management is a requirement. With an extra-wide 30” frame, it has the room required to manage high cable loads while enabling proper airflow. As with all of Electron Metal’s Cabinet lines, there are multiple standard options and the ability to tailor this product to meet your exact application.

SKU: CB4KNW-272436


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    Electron Metal maintains a manufacturing plant, which houses state-of-the-art facilities for sheet metal production, fabrication, finishing and coating. Our head office is located just north of Montréal, in Laval, Québec.

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    *Dimensions shown in inches* Width x RU x Depth (AxCxB)

    Also available in 30” and 48” deep

    PDF Rendering BIM Overall Dimension Usable Dimension
    CB4KNW-272436 30x48x36 27x24x34.75
    CB4KNW-272442 30x48x42 27x24x40.75
    CB4KNW-274236 30x79.5x36 27x42x34.75
    CB4KNW-274242 30x79.5x42 27x42x40.75
    CB4KNW-274436 30x83x36 27x44x34.75
    CB4KNW-274442 30x83x42 27x44x40.75
    CB4KNW-274448 30x83x48 27x48x46.75
    CB4KNW-274836 30x90x36 27x48x24.75
    CB4KNW-274842 30x90x42 27x48x40.75
    CB4KNW-274848 30x90x48 27x48x46.75

    Series 4000 Network Cabinet Ordering Guide

    *Dimensions shown in inches
    * Width x RU x Depth (AxCxB)

    Also available in 30” and 48” deep

    Part No. Rendering BIM Overall Dimension Usable Dimension
    CB4KNH-272436 30x48x36 27x24x34.75
    CB4KNH-272442 30x48x42 27x24x40.75
    CB4KNH-274236 30x79.5x36 27x42x34.75
    CB4KNH-274242 30x79.5x42 27x42x40.75
    CB4KNH-274436 30x83x36 27x44x34.75
    CB4KNH-274442 30x83x42 27x44x40.75
    CB4KNH-274836 30x90x36 27x48x34.75
    CB4KNH-274842 30x90x42 27x48x34.75
    Icon for verifiedFeatures
    • Fully welded 14 ga. Cold Rolled Steel construction with 10 year warranty
    • Fully assembled and ready to use
    • 30” and custom width options
    • Solid, perforated, louvered, acrylic, split and custom door options
    • Solid, perforated, louvered and custom side panel options
    • Solid top cover with several cable entry/fan cutouts
    • Hot air chimney / large cable volume top cutout
    • Wide variety of cable management options
    • Sizes range from 24 RU to 48 RU. 44 RU is our standard
    • Depths are 30”, 36” and 42” or custom
    • 2 pairs of 19” adjustable cage nut mounting rails, with cable thrus
    • Load capacity of 3000 lbs
    • Optional power & thermal solutions
    • Many other accessories available
    Icon for secureFull Kit Includes
    • 1 frame
    • 2 pairs mounting rails square holes with RU markings
    • 100 cage nuts
    • Perforated front door with lockable swing handle
    • Split perforated rear door with lockable swing handle
    • 1 universal accessory channel (for mounting PDUs and/or cable management)
    • 2 vertical cable managers
    • 1 top with chimney cut out and 4 fan cut outs
    • 2 additional top cable entry points
    • 1 set of leveling feet
    • 2 side panels with quick release locks

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