Elbows Left-Right Ladder Tray Sections

Elbows Left-Right Ladder Tray Sections

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    SKU: CABLOR-0600-BK


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      *Dimensions shown in inches* Width x RU x Depth (AxCxB)

      PDF Rendering BIM Description
      CABLEL-0600-BK Hor. 90-Deg. Elbow, For 6″ Tray , Black Paint
      CABLEL-1200-BK Hor. 90-Deg. Elbow, For 12″ Tray , Black Paint
      CABLEL-1800-BK Hor. 90-Deg. Elbow, For 18″ Tray , Black Paint
      CABLEL-2400-BK Hor. 90-Deg. Elbow, For 24″ Tray , Black Paint



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