Oil and Gas Instrumentation and Power Control

The prowess of Electron Metal extends beyond the conventional purview of rack and cabinet production. We have spent years designing custom enclosures in response to our customers' unique requests and requirements. Today, our enclosures are ubiquitous across a myriad of industries, including Oil and Gas, Mining, and Utilities.

Our manufacturing facility surpasses industry standards in all facets of production, whether for small or large runs, and our products must adhere to stringent quality control benchmarks.

We have also received acknowledgments from third-party entities and hold certifications from organizations such as CSA (Canadian Standards Association), EIA/ECA (Electronic Industries Alliance / Electronic Components and Assemblies and Materials Association), among others.

Our engineers and design team will work intimately with you to conceive and fabricate innovative, economical solutions for all variations of indoor and outdoor enclosures.

Health Care

Electron Metal boasts considerable experience and has curated a range of products specifically crafted to fulfill the unique requirements of the healthcare industry. From standard server cabinets addressing the burgeoning needs for data accumulation and storage in hospitals and clinics, to specialized enclosures for instrumentation and power control, Electron Metal has delivered both standard and custom solutions for a diverse array of healthcare-related applications.

Industries Served

  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining
  • Utilities
  • Healthcare
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