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Staging & Logistics

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Staging Services for Cost Savings and Peace of Mind

We also offer Product Staging services, which encompass the various tasks required to build, test, ship and integrate your Electron Metal product solutions into your own particular environment. Staging requirements can range from the simple to the very complex (including pre-installation and configuration of all equipment) and we are happy to meet them all. Whatever your needs, our comprehensive staging services will save you time, money and likely a few headaches along the way.

Rapid Deployment of Products and Services

When it comes to getting your products where they need to be – on time, undamaged and correctly meeting every specification – Electron Metal will ensure that the flow of both goods and services is prompt and efficient. We work closely with a number of trusted transport companies to help us deliver high-grade products locally, nationally and globally. Our products are consolidated, crated, shipped and transported in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, providing a secure and speedy deployment to customer sites, both near and far.