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High Density Cable Management Rack

High Density Cable Rack

Electron Metal’s High Density Cable Management Rack is designed for managing extremely large and complex cabling installations, accommodating copper or fibre or both configurations.

High Density Cable Management Rack Features:

  • Heavy duty 12 gauge cold rolled steel welded construction
  • 24 x 24” foot print ensures compatibility with raised or tiles
  • 7 ft high with 44 rack units of usable space on both the front and rear planes
  • Pre-tapped 10-32 holes (square cage-nut holes available)
  • Large top cut-outs with built-in radius control dropouts for convenient top cable entry
  • Rack vertical channels are wide and deep enough to provide integrated cable management
  • Built in provisions for top front horizontal fibre management
  • Provisions for either standard or high density vertical cable management
  • Can accommodate top fibre tray with either interior or exterior fibre dropouts
  • Ground studs located in both the top and bottom sections to provide convenient bonding helping ensure compliance to data centre standards.

Versatile side cut-outs offer:

  • Side to side cable routing
  • Tool-less attachment points for fibre slack spools
  • Slots for cable tie wraps

*accessories sold separately