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LAN Racks and Consoles

Electron Metal LAN racks solutions are perfect for situations where a standard cabinet or relay rack is not needed. LAN racks are offered in a wide range of sizes, and can be outfitted with an assortment of tabletops, shelves and pans to suit your needs. They feature an easy installation design, which doesn’t require any screws or special tools to remove and install accessories.

Types of LAN Racks

LAN Racks with Integrated Cable Management

An integrated vertical and horizontal cable management system is included with every LAN Rack frame, and keeps all wiring easily accessible but hidden within the frame. Long support legs mounted on adjustable rubber insulated leveling feet keep everything straight and level. Shelves are simply hooked into small slots along the front of the rack.

SSingle LAN Rackingle LAN Rack

Our LAN racks are an ideal solution for networking storage and workstations. The racks feature modular components and construction providing almost limitless adjustability and customization. With its open design, it allows easy access to both the front and rear of your equipment. Each rack features concealed cable management in its vertical members, as well as through the horizontal stiffeners, to keep your cabling in order. Shelves and other accessories can be adjusted in increments. All of our racks feature a simple “hook on”system for shelves and accessories. Your components simply hook onto the LAN frame, without the need for any special tools or hardware.

Double LAN RackDouble LAN Rack

Our LAN racks are also available in a double configuration. The rack includes long support legs on both sides for maximum stability. Mounting holes are equipped on the front and rear of the rack to allow shelves and other equipment to be installed on both sides simultaneously. Great for smaller areas that require more capacity with a smaller footprint.

Work StationWork Station

Our user-friendly workstation is ideal for repair, assembly and service technicians. With its large table surface, it offers a clean and uncluttered work area. A rear-mounted power bar allows for multiple electrical connections and large overhead fluorescent lights supply ample illumination. The heavy-duty frame is constructed of welded steel and has a reinforced base with a non-slip rubber surface footrest. The frame comes standard with a series of holes and cutouts to allow easy repositioning of accessories. Large shelves allow easy access to equipment and also provides for close-at-hand storage.

Lan Furniture/Consoles

Part No. Width* Height* Depth* Overall dimension
LANFRA-248424 22.75  75.375 22 24x84x28.5
LANFRA-248430 22.75  75.375 28  24x84x34.5
LANFRA-308424  28.75  75.375 22  30x84x28.5
LANFRA-308430  28.75  75.375 28  30x84x34.5
LANFRA-368424  34.75  75.375 22  36x84x28.5
LANFRA-368430  34.75  75.375 28  36x84x34.5
LANFRD-248424  22.75  75.375 22  24x84x47.5
LANFRD-248430  22.75  75.375 28  24x84x59.5
LANFRD-308424 28.75  75.375 22 30x84x47.5
LANFRD-308430  28.75  75.375 28 30x84x59.5
LANFRD-368424  34.75  75.375 22 36x84x47.5
LANFRD-368430  34.75  75.375 28  36x84x59.5
LANKWS-487232  45.5 69  48x72x32

*Usable dimension

Lan Furniture/Consoles – Accessories

Part No. Description
LANABR-361902 Pair 2RU LAN adaptor rail 36”-19”