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Ventilation and Air conditioning


Proper cooling of electronic equipment within enclosed metal cabinets continues to be a growing concern as equipment heat loads continue to increase.

Electron Metal offers a choice of custom solutions to add ventilation and cooling to our cabinets. We can incorporate a simple fan or 25kW blower or provide a more complex top or side-mount air conditioner. We also offer rear door heat exchangers and forced air chimney solutions. Contact us to learn how we can help create a customized solution for your specific needs.

Ventilation and Air Conditioning Options:

  • Fans
  • Blowers
  • Top Mount Air Conditioners
  • Side Mount Air Conditioners
  • Rear Door Air Conditioners
  • Hot Air Exhaust Chimneys
  • Rear Door Heat Exchangers
  • Hot Aisle Containment Systems
  • Cold Aisle Containment Systems



Part No. Description
FANSTD-061005 6” whisper fan 100CFM with grill & 5′ cord
FANSTD-062003 6” fan 200CFM with grill & 3′ cord
FANSTD-062005 6” fan 200CFM with grill & 5′ cord
FANSTD-105503 10” fan 550CFM with grill & 3’ cord
FANSS4-040503 4″ fan 50CFM with Series 4000 adaptor 3′ cord
FANSS4-040505 4″ fan 50CFM with Series 4000 adaptor 5′ cord
FANSS4-041003 4″ fan 100CFM with Series 4000 adaptor 3′ cord
FANSS4-041005 4” fan 100CFM with Series 4000 adaptor 5′ cord
Part No. Description
FAN48V-041000 4″ fan 48VDC 2 finger grills 4 mounting bolts
FANFGU-044500 4″ fan filter guard 45 pores per inch
FANFKT-091206 Filtered fan kit 9″ 124CFM 6′ cord
FANFRF-124 Replacement filters 124 CFM (5/bx)
FANHFA-211410 Hot swap 1 fan assembly 1400CFM 115VAC
FANHSW-211413 Hot swap fan kit 24 x 12 x 14
FANST2-041003 Set of 2 fans 4″ 100CFM 4 finger grills 2x 3′ cords
FANST4-041006 Set of 4 fans 4″ 100CFM 8 finger grills 4 adapters plates
FANTYS-190107 Fan tray 3 fans 100CFM 120VAC 19 x 1.75 x 7
FANTYW-190107 Fan tray 3 whisper fans 50CFM 120VAC 19 x 1.75 x 7