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Hot Aisle and Cold Aisle Efficiency Solutions

Sliding Containment Doors: Clear Polycarbonate

Sliding containment doors and Vertical ducted panels

Reduce hot spots and increase cooling efficiencies with Electron’s sliding containment doors and vertical ducted panels. These products help to contain the conditioned air that cooling systems send into the hot or cold aisles.

Our products ensure that air flows into the air intakes of the rack-mounted IT devices to keep the cold air in and the hot air out. And, alternatively, they contain hot air so precision air conditioning units can keep hot air in that aisle and the cold air out.

Sliding Containment Doors: Clear Polycarbonate

Sliding Containment Doors: Clear Polycarbonate

Electron Metal offers sliding containment doors for 3 and 4 foot aisles. Custom sizes and hinged containment doors are also available.

Part number Description
ACDKLN-004436 Clear polycarbonate containment door (77) x 36
ACDKLN-004448 Clear polycarbonate containment door (77) x 48

Vertical Ducted Panels

Vertical Ducted Panels are customized to your specifications. Start by choosing the type of panel you need, such as “over cabinet” or “end of row” in one of the four standard widths we offer: 24”, 30”, 36” and 48”. Then, and send us the height you require, in inches. If you have questions, please contact a representative at 1-866-96-RACKS.
The window material is fabricated with a fire retardant multiwall clear polycarbonate ¼” (6 mm).

Part number Description Width
ACVOCM-24XXXX-BK Over Cabinet 24”
ACVOCM-30XXXX-BK Over Cabinet 30”
ACVERM-36XXXX-BK End of Row 36”
ACVERM-48XXXX-BK End of Row 48”

*The “XXXX” in the part numbers listed below will be updated with your desired height in inches: the first 2 digits represent whole numbers, i.e. 48 = 48” the next 2 digits represent 16ths of an inch, i.e. 08 = ½”