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Power, Control and Instrumentation Metal Enclosures

Oil and Gas Instrumentation and Power Control

Electron Metal’s capabilities extend far beyond a traditional rack and cabinet offering. We’ve been designing custom enclosures for many years as a response to the unique requests and needs of our customers. Today, our enclosures are found in many industries such as Oil and Gas, Mining and Utilities.

Our production facility exceeds industry standards in all aspects of manufacturing for small or large runs and our products must meet rigid quality control specifications.

We’ve also been recognized by third-party organizations and have received certifications from CSA, EIA/ECA – Electronic Industries Alliance / Electronic Components and Assemblies and Materials Association as well as many others.

Our engineers and design team will work closely with you to develop and manufacture innovative, cost-effective solutions for all types of indoor and outdoor enclosures.

Health Care

Electron Metal has significant experience and has developed a suite of products designed to meet the specific requirements of the health care industry. From standard server cabinets that meet the needs of growing data collection and storing necessities in hospitals and clinics, to instrumentation and power control metal enclosures, Electron Metal has provided standard and customized solutions for a number of different healthcare related applications.

Industries Served

  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining
  • Utilities
  • Healthcare

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