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Electron Metal has been supplying top-grade, flexible rack and cabinet solutions to the telecommunications industry for decades. We can provide everything from simple 4-post racks, to server cabinets with 25kw rear door exhaust chimneys, to high-density fiber distribution centers. We work with businesses of all sizes, handling custom setups for small offices to extensive configurations for industry giants. No matter the scale, Electron Metal can deliver high quality, cost-effective solutions and outstanding support to meet every Telecom need.

Recently, Electron Metal has been working with several Telcos to design and develop products specifically with eventual 5G adoption and deployment in mind.

Data Center

Traditional datacenters

Data center environments are constantly evolving. Electron Metal’s team has a wealth of experience in this industry, and we are sensitive to the pressures and challenges that rapid growth often entails for our data center clients. While recognizing all installations have unique characteristics, our unparalleled manufacturing flexibility allows us to offer highly customized design solutions that other manufacturers simply cannot, while our expertise and experience provides a solid understanding of customer needs.

Electron Metal’s data enclosures and containment systems provide Facility Managers with a solid customizable physical enclosure foundation from which to run any IT architecture while maximizing space efficiency, easing hardware and cabling installation and ultimately deploying your service offering that much quicker and more cost effective.

Modular datacenters

Otherwise known as portable datacenters, modular data centers have the advantage of being placed and commissioned anywhere service providers require. Standardized components can be scaled to offer a variety of power and cooling options with additional modules added when data needs increase.

Electron Metal has a number of configurations to tackle your modular data center requirements, ranging from a single to a POD of cabinets. Our crypto currency enclosure offerings, among others, allow for physical space and cooling efficiencies all the while configured to a scalable module.

Electron Metal has further conceptualized and miniaturized the modular data center concept by developing its data center in a cabinet product offering allowing for smaller scale deployments. Our designs include options and variations of PDU’s, UPS’s, power and environmental monitoring, to name but a few.

Electron Metal has a number of Industrial IoT products for offer and is poised to grow this portion of the business as customers’ needs evolve in this growing market.


Custom Solutions for Unique Broadcast Needs

The needs of the broadcasting industry can differ substantially from other industries such as Telecom, but Electron Metal’s team has the diversity and experience required to deliver effective, custom-designed solutions to Canada’s top broadcasters. Our flexible manufacturing capabilities mean that we can tailor everything from complete console solutions to individual server cabinets and swing-out wall racks. Factor in our excellent customer service and support and Electron Metal emerges as a manufacturer fully equipped to respond to the unique needs of broadcast.


Quality Collaboration with OEM Clients

Electron Metal’s extensive experience and flexible manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer OEM clients a wide variety of products for further customization and/or re-sale. We can also provide a number of added value services including staging, logistics, free design work and assistance with new product development. Our commitment to high customer satisfaction, superior workmanship, and competitive pricing, makes Electron Metal a trusted partner for all our OEM customers.


Working with leading electrical and data contractors, Electron Metal provides standards based enclosures and pathways for structured cabling solutions in large scale campus and corporate networks. From the entrance facility and across the cabling backbone to horizontal closets and workstations, Electron Metal has standard and customizable options for patch panels, racks, cabinets and cable pathways, providing unmatched flexibility, design, and quality to network cabling infrastructure.

Power, Control and Instrumentation Metal Enclosures

Oil and Gas Instrumentation and Power Control

Electron Metal’s capabilities extend far beyond a traditional rack and cabinet offering. We’ve been designing custom enclosures for many years as a response to the unique requests and needs of our customers. Today, our enclosures are found in many industries such as Oil and Gas, Mining and Utilities.

Our production facility exceeds industry standards in all aspects of manufacturing for small or large runs and our products must meet rigid quality control specifications.

We’ve also been recognized by third-party organizations and have received certifications from CSA, EIA/ECA – Electronic Industries Alliance / Electronic Components and Assemblies and Materials Association as well as many others.

Our engineers and design team will work closely with you to develop and manufacture innovative, cost-effective solutions for all types of indoor and outdoor enclosures.

Health Care

Electron Metal has significant experience and has developed a suite of products designed to meet the specific requirements of the health care industry. From standard server cabinets that meet the needs of growing data collection and storing necessities in hospitals and clinics, to instrumentation and power control metal enclosures, Electron Metal has provided standard and customized solutions for a number of different healthcare related applications.

Industries Served

Industries Served

  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining
  • Utilities
  • Healthcare