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Series 4000 Network Cabinets


Electron Metal produces the highest quality metal cabinets for Server, Network, Zone 4 Seismic, Broadcast, Colocation and Custom applications.
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For Hot Air and Cold Air systems, new builds, or retrofit for any brand of cabinet. We offer Exhaust Chimneys, Sliding containment doors, Clear polycarbonate tops, and ThermEX Retrofit Extensions.
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Series 800 Relay Rack

Relay Racks & Cable Management

Choose from Electron’s open relay rack options: 2 Post Relay Racks, Zone 4 Racks or 4 Post Open Racks.
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Reversed Wall Mount Cabinet


Custom wall mounted racks and cabinets offered in a wide range of sizes and styles at competitive prices.
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Hardware and accessories

Hardware & Accessories

Solid, functional hardware designed for easy mounting and installation of your equipment to new or existing racks and cabinets.
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Custom Consoles

Our console solutions team ensures that the console design, structure, fit, finish and ergonomics conform fully to your expectations.
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Shelves – Front Mount

Shelves and Drawers

Electron Metal offers a large selection of rack mount shelves, fixed, sliding, heavy-duty, adjustable depth shelves, keyboard shelves, drawers and accessories.
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