Spécification du Division 27

    Spécification du Division 27

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      Specification documents are freely provided by Electron Metal Inc. to the engineer, architect, designer, or specifier, assumed to be skilled in the preparation of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) systems. Each one is provided at no cost, for mutually beneficial use.The document structure and formatting comply with the current (2020) CSI/CSC MasterFormat™, SectionFormat™, and PageFormat™ document formatting specifications prescribed by Constructions Specifications Institute (CSI) and Constructions Specifications Canada (CSC).

      The documents comprise a suite of documents that may be used individually, as a collection, or as part of a larger set of documents making up a Project Manual for a construction project.The formatting and content of the documents is such that the need for editing is made minimal: References are provided throughout the text to this and other Divisions, including Division 00—Contract Conditions and Division 01—General Requirements, to promote project wide integration and coordination.

      The text has been prepared using Microsoft™ Word™ and is made available in this form to provide for the specifier’s own edits.  The Corporate user may apply its own signature to the document.The documents are in the form of a STANDARD specification: each Section includes a full description of all equipment or components that might comprise a project.

      It is not in the interest of the designer to redact any items, even though they may be excluded from the project.  Instead, separate schedules are provided in which the designer may indicate those components that are for use on the project. 

      The schedules are contained in various Sections that comprise Schedules and are formatted as a dynamic Configurable Bill of Materials (C-BOM).

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