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Welcome, we’ve created this blog to share expertise, discuss industry trends and our technical product information with you. Electron Metal has been producing top quality racks and cabinet enclosures for the telecommunications, information technology, security and broadcast industries for over 30 years. We are always at the forefront of our industry and now, we want to share our knowledge to help you find the solutions you need.

New Product: Series 5000 Server Cabinet Line

Electron Metal’s Series 5000 Server Cabinet line is our latest offering designed for server housing applications that includes a unique tool-less accessory system that allows for the installation and displacement of vertically oriented accessories without the use of any tools or measuring devices. These accessories include, but are not limited to, vertical mounting rails, vertical cable managements and universal accessory channels.

  • Designed for server housing applications
  • Allows for easy “tool-less” installation of vertically oriented mounting rails, cable management and universal accessory channels.
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As with our other cabinets, it is a scalable enclosure line designed to expand and adapt to your ever-demanding server requirements. Whether you require additional cooling, power, cable management or depth, the Series 5000 line was designed to grow with your requirements, saving costs and downtime. 

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Modular Type Data Centers for Crypto Currency and Edge Computing

Although Crypto Currency and Edge Computing have been talked about for some time, it seems only recently that manufacturers are designing solutions to meet their specific needs and requirements.

Through various project opportunities, Electron Metal has been at the forefront in the design and configuration of a number of different custom modular data center rack and cabinet solutions. These solutions, including some with Seismic configurations, will also support Edge Computing and IoT with modular data centers.

Along with multiple rack and cabinet configurations to meet the needs of the modular data center, Electron Metal has also designed custom vertical and horizontal cable managers, cable trays, select PDU’s and UPDU’s (Universal PDU’s for global DC’s), pathways and spaces as well as grounding & bonding support solutions. These solutions, as a whole, are pivotal in order to maximize server installation efficiencies, space and cooling requirements, service access & support. Design configurations also address required cost control parameters while providing a fully-functional modular data center type solution.

The multiple rack and cabinet designs will maximize configurations and support for both the brick style Ant Minor type servers as well as the GPU rack mount chassis type servers for crypto currency type data centers, which will not only meet the needs of today but that of tomorrow.

Due to the high cost of operation for cooling and power, solutions were designed to maximize functionally and serviceability. Mining for crypto currency is expense and costs will continue to climb due to the nature of crypto currency mining. Power demand will continue to increase as the equations become more complex resulting in an increase in power and cooling requirements. Electron Metal works directly with its customers to ensure infrastructure needed to be successful for the long-run results in a sound and cost-effective operational investment.

Please feel free to reach out to Electron Metal to help you be successful with your modular data center solution.

Keith Fortune c.e.t.
Western Regional Manager,
2180 Michelin Road,
Laval QC H7L 5C3

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Designing a Successful Data Center

Are you designing a new data center? Upgrading an existing data center?

Electron Metal manufactures premium quality steel server cabinets, relay racks and metal enclosures in standard sizes or custom designed for your needs. We are experts the Information Technology, Telecommunications, Broadcast, Security and OEM industries. We offer quality metal cabinets shipped direct from the manufacturer for your Server, Network, Zone 4 Seismic, Broadcast and Colocation applications.

Designing a Data Center requires business decisions, a project design scope and implementation phases that need to be addressed throughout the design configuration process.

A successful design incorporates key elements of the physical infrastructure, electrical distribution systems, air-conditioning, data cabling and building support systems.

Electron Metal helps IT professionals already implementing design projects within a Data Center facility and supports those in the process of designing a new Data Center environment.  We offer custom designed products and equipment for cabinets, server racks, data cabling, power distribution, cooling and more. Contact us to learn more.

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New Product: 4 Post Fully Adjustable BellCore Certified Rack:

We had a contractor partner come to us looking for a 4 Post adjustable Seismic Certified Rack in order to meet the requirements for a P3 project he was working on. The only option on the market at the time did not meet their specific needs and he asked us if we had a solution that would meet their customer’s needs while being economically priced as they had a tight budget in which to work with.

I informed him that we did not have what he was looking for at the time. However, as a Canadian metal fabricator who specializes in custom telecommunications infrastructure solutions, we could meet his needs provided he had some time before he needed to install them. Luckily he had time, so we started the process of developing a new product solution.

Now we were faced with quite a challenge. Not only did we have to come up with a design solution that met their needs and time restraints, we had to also come up with a solution that fit their budget as well. This meant we had to come up with a fully adjustable 4 Post Rack design that was flexible, get it approved by the contractor as well as his customer and have it seismically certified again, all within budget.

Since that time we have evolved our Seismic fully integrated adjustable 4 Post Rack to not only meet the Seismic restraints of BellCore (certified to GR-63-Core Section 4.4.1) which is the most stringent ithe industry. We made it as flexible as possible in order to meet most if not all future requirements. Our solution can be as tall as 48RU (Rack Units) high and as narrow as 24” Wide, which we believe may be the best in the industry. This flexibility in size allows us offer all customers looking for a custom solution a fully adjustable 4Post Rack which will meet their needs now and into the future.

Should you have a challenge which requires a custom telecommunications solution, please feel free to reach out to Electron Metal for support. It is our pleasure and privilege to support both you and your customer.

Keith Fortune c.e.t.
Western Regional Manager,
Electron Metal AIG.
2180 Michelin Road,
Laval, QC  H7L 5C3

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