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Why Choose Us

Our Vision and Mission

At Electron Metal, we aim for excellence in all that we do, and pride ourselves in being able to maintain a very high client satisfaction level. We have always maintained a genuine “customer first” policy and strive to:

  • Be constantly receptive to the needs of all our customers
  • Provide prompt and complete technical support
  • Develop effective communication skills to maintain excellent customer relations
  • Adhere to (and often exceed) established specifications and standards
  • Manufacture products to fully satisfy client needs and requirements
  • Maintain a philosophy of constant quality improvement of our products and services

Electron Metal’s Unique Value Propositions

Electron Metal sets itself apart by delivering the highest quality, value and flexibility while remaining cost-effective and accessible to businesses of any size.

Key selling points and differentiators:

  • Precision-manufactured products using only top-grade materials
  • Superior product quality meets and often exceeds industry requirements
  • Fully customizable and modular products, built to client’s exact specifications
  • Flexible configurations and pre-packaged options available
  • Free consultation with drawings and 3D renderings of custom designs
  • Low minimum order quantities (we will make one, if that is all you need)
  • Rapid turnaround on stock items and custom products
  • Competitive and cost-efficient pricing
  • Excellent customer service and technical support
  • 100% Canadian manufacturer for over 35 years