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Some Tips To Help You Choose The Right Firm? 2 Of 4

Let’s start dressing our cabinet by starting from the bottom.

Do I need casters under my cabinet? I would tell you that yes, it will be much easier to position them in the rows.

Does the back of the firm have to be open or closed?  This decision will be greatly influenced by the wiring. It arrives from above or below?

Now let’s move on to the side panels. We want it or we don’t want it, only one side (left or right) both sides or just the ends of the driveway.
We are now in the process of choosing the panel on the top of the cabinet. We have several options. Choose a panel that will allow you to have several places to pass the cables and even an opening to install a chimney.

It remains only to install the doors. We will preferably choose perforated doors to promote air circulation in the office.

Usually, the front door is full size and the rear doors are half doors. For some applications, you will need a solid door. In the next blog, we will arrange the interior of the cabinet.

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