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Some Tips To Help You Choose The Right Firm? 1 Of 4

Choosing a firm shouldn’t be something very complicated. On the other hand; it is important to make the right choices in order to have a product that will be adapted to your present and future needs.

The first question to ask.

I need a server cabinet or a network practice?

The server cabinet is usually 24 inches wide and the network cabinet is usually 30 inches wide.

If you have the necessary space, you should use a 30-inch wide cabinet even for server applications. The additional width will allow you to add management for vertical cabling, which will facilitate the passage of cables and the commissioning of equipment.

Once the width is determined, it will remain to choose the depth and height of the cabinet. Again, if you have the necessary space, a deeper cabinet will give you more flexibility. The most common depths are 42, 46 or 48 inches deep.

The same reasoning also applies to height. If you have the necessary space you can choose cabinets of 42U, 44U, 46U or 48U. Some clients use 50 and 52U cabinets. But these behemoths are huge and difficult to handle. In addition, it will be important to leave a stepladder not far away for the technicians…In the next blog, we will start dressing up our cabinet.

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