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Security Locks and Environmental Monitoring 1 of 2

Cabinets come with swivel handles with barrel lock; these handles are found on the front and rear doors.There are also barrel locks on the side panels. So, depending on the design of your cabinet, there can be up to 6 locks per cabinet. Usually all these locks open with the same key.
That being said, is it a good idea? Can we do better?
The final answer will depend on several factors and each on its own good and bad sides. But we can definitely do better. For example, we could have a barrel for the front door, a different barrel for the rear door and another different barrel for each of the side panels. This solution is inexpensive and suitable for an installation where the number of practices is not very high.

But when the number of cabinets increases, key management becomes problematic and the number of different barrels is still limited and is different from one manufacturer to another.
Another alternative is to choose a barrel lock that also offers an eyelet to install a padlock, it makes us a double security for the front and rear doors but it also increases the number of keys to manage.

We can do better.A barrel lock with a numeric keypad can be installed on the front and rear doors to give us double security without increasing the number of keys to manage.
But you can also eliminate the keys completely, just use an electronic lock that can be operated with an access card, a fob or a bracelet. (There will still be a barrel lock on the handle, to be able to access the cabinet in case of defect of the electronic system)
These locks offer several advantages in terms of security, traceability and double authentication.
Some also offer opening with your fingerprints.

The first lock will be the most expensive to install because it will be necessary to provide the purchase of software, hardware for programming access cards, fobs or bracelets.
There are also biometric solutions for accessing rooms or rows of practices that are done by means of a retinal or hand scan. In our next blog, we will talk about environmental monitoring.

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